Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Our visit

This is my second visit in Kansurok, and true enough it was sweeter the second time around. God has never failed to surprise me with His mystifying ways! He certainly made all things possible.

During my first trip in Kansurok, our team conducted door-to-door evangelism, open-air meetings, evangelistic crusade and church service creating a Christian awareness in this place.

People welcomed us into their homes with open hearts, some with tear-filled faces. They received our prayers and listened eagerly as we shared the Gospel. Several people accepted Christ into their hearts for the very first time.

A few came forward in obeying the Lord in water baptism. We also led the children of Kansurok by conducting Sunday school for the little ones imparting to them the attributes of our Lord Jesus Christ through bible story telling. My heart overjoyed and I was blessed with the kind of heart these kids have for Jesus.

We also gave some clothes to all the people of Kansurok and left a sewing machine to start a livelihood program for the women of this place.

We also gave slippers and clothes for the little ones that somehow gave smile to these young fellow.

Last May 2009, we visited the place again to conduct a daily vacation bible school. We included not just the kids but even the youth, women, mothers and fathers of Kansurok.

The three-day DVBS was certainly a success for us mission team! They really enjoy all the songs we’ve taught them. The kids enjoyed the arts and crafts we have prepared for them. They are so excited to come everyday.

Sister Linda Valiente had also the chance to conduct a lecture on Spiritual Discipline for the current members of the church.

I know this is just the beginning of a long journey for the people of Kansurok. There are still lot of things to be accomplished in this place and I know through God's help and your prayers everything will be carried out according to God's plan.

God bless!

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